It is our simplified process. Ideal for the client who feels pretty comfortable taking their own measurements and is ready to roll-up sleeves to minimize costs. Typically no major construction is done, we want to stay within the same walls and minimize moving plumbing and electrical. Client struggles finding the right elements to tie the entire room together in a cohesive way. The e-design client is looking for a good layout for the space to accommodate all storage needs and doesn’t mind purchasing all materials to accomplish the project.

How It Works

After purchasing the desired E-Design package, we send to the client our Design Homework together with our measuring sheet. This is to ensure we are gathering as much information as possible to prepare for our Initial Consultation

Design Homework

The design homework is sent to client together with our Room Measurement Guide prior to our Initial Consultation

  • Client Questionnaire

    Answer Client questionnaire add as much detail as possible!

  • Key Photos

    Tell us in detail what you like or dislike about 5 specific photos we selected.

  • Inspo Photos

    Send me a collection of inspiration photos. A Pinterest Board for your project will be created for collaboration!

Step 1

The Initial Consultation

Design Project Discovery Call Virtual Process to understand the scope of the project & start to map out the project plan with your budget. We have a $200 initial Consult fee applied to the total of your project Package selected.

Step 2

The Concept

Virtual meeting to present a design moodboard & design concept based on our Initial Consultation

Step 3

The Delivery

Receive your complete design packages. Shop at your convenience and timeline from the shopping list & have the items delivered to your doorstep.

Feel like this process is the right fit for you?? Time to select your package!

  • Style Essentials Package (For all spaces except Kitchens)

    What is included:

    • Floor Plan
    • Design Moodboard
    • Material List with all essential items

    What is NOT included:

    • Staging and decor items

    $750.00 per room

  • Chef-Ready Package (For kitchens only)

    What is included:

    • Floor Plan and Elevations of all cabinetry walls
    • Design Moodboard
    • Material List with all essential items

    What is NOT included:

    • Staging and decor items

    $950.00 per kitchen

  • Fine Details Package (Applied to all spaces)

    What is included:

    • Design Moodboard with decor and accessories
    • Material List to purchase all accessories to stage your space

    What is NOT included:

    • Large furniture pieces, Hard surfaces and cabinetry.

    $350.00 per space