How it Works

Our services are curated to fit our customer’s needs. Either you need a face-to-face meeting to help you solve your interior design problems or you prefer resolving everything from the comfort of your home while having a glass of wine, we are the right place for you!

Read more below to learn which process better fit your needs and budget!

All Design

This service is recommended for major construction and remodels. Clients with little to no experience in the remodel world who prefer delegating the functions of searching, sourcing and identifying the right materials for their space. Clients who prefer seeing materials in person to make final decisions. This process may include visits to supplies, showrooms and in person meetings to review 3D renders together. This process is also recommended when client needs a full set of drawings to execute the project.

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It is our simplified process. Ideal for the client who feels pretty comfortable taking their own measurements and is ready to roll-up sleeves to minimize costs. Typically no major construction is done, we want to stay within the same walls and minimize moving plumbing and electrical. Client struggles finding the right elements to tie the entire room together in a cohesive way. The e-design client is looking for a good layout for the space to accommodate all storage needs and doesn’t mind purchasing all materials to accomplish the project.

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