The Benefits of Joining a Professional Organization

The Benefits of Joining a Professional Organization

I started getting involved with professional organizations back in Brazil when I was still in college. Still early in my college years I joined the Association of Architects and Engineers of my hometown as a student representative. I always saw the value of collaborating with other students and professionals. I helped bring student’s concerns to light and bridged the gap between professionals and the academic community. This early stepped helped local professionals recognize my efforts and involved, which helped me land a fantastic job before even graduating. I graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning at an early age, with job security and most importantly, a job I loved working with a well-respected professional in my home town. 

Well, fast forward several years, in 2020 I joined the National Kitchen and Bath Association and became an active member of our local NKBA Puget Sound Chapter. I was recommended to take over our Student Relations Committee and help get our students engaged again. 2020 was a strange year with pandemic and our Chapter (and literally the whole world) trying to navigate through the difficulties the pandemic brought to us. 

This year, I’m excited to be back to in person events and connecting with our generation of future professionals. I hope I can translate to them some of the great experience I had in the past and how that has helped paved my career as a designer. 

Part of being an engaged member is also representing our association and supporting our vendors. We have monthly educational meetings sponsored by our vendors who always keep us up to date in this constantly changing industry. 

Our April event was a big success thanks to @cosentino for hosting, teaching us more about unique slab materials and supplying us with all the samples we need to be successful. Check out some jaw dropping natural materials like this agate stone slab and this petrified wood slab!!

And we even had time to squeeze in a little council/committee leaders picture. What a great night! 

Laila Ferri Johnson

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