Woman’s History Month

Woman’s History Month

As we reflect on Women’s History Month and how many women have been trail blazers in a predominantly male driven  world, we have been in awe at the resolve of all these incredible women. 

Being  designers in 2023 we have gained a lot of respect over the years, but just a century ago that was not the case.  We are extremely thankful  to all who have gone before us to pave our way, like Elsie de Wolfe, Candace Wheeler and many more!

Here is a summary of what these amazing women in design did and how they changed the design and construction world:

Elsie de Wolfe

She was the first female interior decorator to replace the dark and ornate Victorian decor style with lighter and simpler style. Many consider she was the first one to invent the profession of Interior Design.

Candace Wheeler

Candace Wheeler is often considered the mother of interior design. She was one of the first american women who focused on interior and textile design. Her goal was to support craftswomen and other women in design as well as encourage a new style of American design.  She was the founder of the Society of Decorative Art in New York City (1877).

And perhaps the  job that we respect the most in the design industry are all the female builders and how tough they still need to be to push through an even more, male dominated profession.  We wanted to make sure we also recognized in this post our female counterparts, the first women in construction. Below we highlight two renowned names.

Emily Warren Roebling

Assisted directing the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge after her husband, former chief engineer of the bridge, fell seriously ill.

Lillian Moller Gilbreth

Was the first female member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. She was an industrial engineer, psychologist and became the first female engineering professor at Purdue University. Among many of her inventions are the foot-pedal garbage can, the addition of refrigerator shelving and the very much still present L-shaped kitchen.

And with all that inspiration we wrap up our post motivated to continuing working hard and help pave the way for our future generations of women.

Happy Women’s History month!!

Laila & Shanna